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 A few suggestions.

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A few suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: A few suggestions.   A few suggestions. EmptySun Feb 16, 2014 3:46 pm

Add ::empty command. This makes it easier to empty inventory.
Add ::checkinv for mod+ which can be handy.
Add ::tradelock which makes it so a player can't drop or trade til ::tradelock is typed again. This may be handy if you grow to become a big rsps, and players start doing services. Mod+ can just tradelock the account that the service is happening on.
Make it so ::yell is donator only. This may increase the servers income if you grow to become a big rsps.
Rock crabs at home is a bit messy, add a ::train command that teleports them to the rock crab place outside relekka.

I'll probably come with more suggestion if I keep my interest in this server Wink goodluck all.
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A few suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Re: A few suggestions.   A few suggestions. EmptySun Feb 16, 2014 10:24 pm

Thank you for your suggestions, with that said, I would like to go over my thoughts on all of them.

1. Empty will not be added, due to the point of this server being harder than others, adding empty would just make it far too easy for people to do many skills, such as power fishing, mining, wood cutting, ect.

2. Checkinv is a good idea, and one we have tossed around, as for giving it to mods, I'm not so sure they would need that power, as they wouldn't be able to do much if they do find anything suspicious.

3. Tradelock will not be needed as doing services for other players is not, and will not be allowed at any point. As this is a competitive server, players will have to do things on their own, with the only help coming from guides, or player advice.

4. Yell is currently set for everyone due to our large map coverage. While other servers have a home, and a place where many players sit in one spot, we do not, and most players are generally in a larger area. Yes new players could just join a fc, or we could auto put them into a fc, which has been tried, but do to fc issues, we took that out. As for the servers income, that is not to be worried about, while any donations are appreciated, they are not something we worry about, this server was created for the soul purpose of bringing back the runescape many people miss.

5. Rock crabs at home are there for the players who kept asking where to train, and didn't quite know where npcs were based on runescapes layout.. And a train command will not be added again for the reason of this being a harder server, and you can literally train anywhere.

Once again thank you for your suggestions, and if I in any way sounded like I was dismissing your ideas please know I was not, I thought about each one before making this post.

A few suggestions. Admin_10Mike                      A few suggestions. Smiley14          A few suggestions. Misapixel

A few suggestions. Sig10
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A few suggestions.
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