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 A Couple of suggestions

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PostSubject: A Couple of suggestions   Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:20 pm

Hey I have a few suggestions for this server:

-More useful teleports. All we have to teleport is a necklace with 5 charges and the lodestone network. I reckon we need teleports at spawn to good places to skill and good places to train. Eg Slayer Tower. Also most of the yellow portals at spawn don't work.

-Game sometimes randomly crashes, please fix this.

-The price check should check prices based on sell price instead of actual value because usually people use price check to check prices of things they intend to sell.

-More thieving stalls at home. All there is at home is 2 level 5 stalls and a level 75 stall. There needs to be more variety.

-More profitable thieving. I reckon you should get a sum of cash from thieving depending on the level requirement of the stall like most other servers because thieving was a very common way to make money and with an economy there aren't that many good ways to make money for low levels.

-Higher xp rates. The xp rate is very slow and for some people they would see it and just leave. The xp rate should be bumped up or new mode should be added to attract more people and build the community.

Thanks for reading and please leave feedback on my suggestions.
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PostSubject: Re: A Couple of suggestions   Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:16 am

mate there is 3 modes competitive adept and novice ......competitive is 3x adept with 15x and novice at 25x this server was not intended to be like other servers like your suggesting.....this server is made to me unique like you said. the home is set up the way it is because if he added much more than it would take benefits away from donor zone...there is alot more stuff like you was describing except portals at donor zone so if he add everything your talking about then what would be the point in the donor zone? i do agree i think thieving should be a little bit more profitable but it all has its pros and cons also the price checker it is based on the alching price of the ge......its an easy way to figure out how much items alch for and if you wanna know how much it sells for in ge then take a few off of what it is in price checker....no biggie dont set your expectations high there for you are gonna set up for failure mate
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A Couple of suggestions
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