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 Tester Rank Upgrade & Helping out with IDs

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Tester Rank Upgrade & Helping out with IDs Empty
PostSubject: Tester Rank Upgrade & Helping out with IDs   Tester Rank Upgrade & Helping out with IDs EmptyMon Dec 30, 2013 6:00 am

Hello everyone. I've upgraded the beta testers accounts to have the abilities to see IDs when they examine NPCs, objects, or items. And you got access to a command:

::pos (Shows your X / Y coordinates in the chatbox)

Now this stuff alone I understand can make most feel they won't know much to do with these individually or at all cause they don't code. But when used together you really can make a difference everyday in helping me get more content done.

All you need to do to help you is apply it in-game or with the help of these lists below to get IDs of something that doesn't work
-> Gather other like IDs that I will need to make it work (as much of it as you can get on your own, I will handle the rest for almost anything)
-> Make notepads of like things you've found that need fixed
-> Send them to me via my Damnation email: jay@damnation.us


Examples of format in .txt notepads

For NPCs:

NPC Name - NPCIDs(Matching it very closely) - Comments about what needs fixed.
Example 1:
Moss Giant - 112, 4688 - They are missing their animations and have extremely weak
stats. Also they drop bone beads and/or extremely high sums of gold...
(Try to point out critical things. I havn't really put any time into monsters true drops)

Example 2:
Fishing Spot - 330 - Doesn't work. It has these options and it'd regularly get these fish:
Net - Shrimp(ItemID), Anchovies(ItemID)...
Bait - Pike(ItemID), Herring(ItemID)...

For Objects:

Object Name - ObjectID - Comments about what it needs
Example 1:
Trapdoor - 4173 - It's supposed to take me to some sewers but it doesn't.
Its coords are: X / Y - (Optional): Destination

For Items:

Item Name - ItemID - Comments about it.

Example 1:
Crystal Key - 989 - The key made to open the loot chest in Taverley.
Made with:  Tooth Half Key(985) and Loop Half Key(987)
Comments that it doesn't work or doesn't properly do it's job.

Compile as much stuff that you can together and send them whenever you feel you've got a bit of information!


Tester Rank Upgrade & Helping out with IDs Yu_gi_oh_kuriboh_gif_by_matthijsmud-d4js6ib
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Tester Rank Upgrade & Helping out with IDs
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