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 Testing Log - Keep up to date (if you are an active tester)!

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PostSubject: Testing Log - Keep up to date (if you are an active tester)!   Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:49 pm

Ok so if anyone else is interested in active testing, here are the areas I have covered fully and/or working on them right now(will keep editing this post with more areas as I test them):

  1. Edgeville Dungeon (Need to check agility-requiring areas)
  2. Taverley Dungeon (WIP)

Note that testing means:

Also on your log, separate each sub entry on each item/object/npc with a newline and tab and each id by a comma:
Have fun testing, and please post here the areas you are currently working on and/or have finished fully testing!

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Testing Log - Keep up to date (if you are an active tester)!
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