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 want my baby back rips...

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want my baby back rips... Empty
PostSubject: want my baby back rips...   want my baby back rips... EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 4:22 pm

well have been sneaking a peak into game every now and then, feel for ya and issues trying to please everyone...wish I'd had been more supportive for ya back then...but you had other things to deal with and did't want to be a problem, with that said, miss yall, wish we could start the whole thing over, like it was orig. with just a harder ration for getting rare items, on spins and events, to help keep eco. going, and would love the ge thing we talked about, but have seen other games, address it by adding a larger fee to items thru ge, like 3x-5x if no player has item listed...but I would even bite the pullet and play without that if we could have it back like it was origin. Think about it, you know you'd have 3 on daily, active to attract other players, and we'd bump the shit out of advertisements and forums....anyway hope you're ok and hoping to see ya again....
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want my baby back rips...
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