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 Bringing the server back to life

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PostSubject: Bringing the server back to life   Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:00 pm

As we all know already, the server has been "dead" for a while now. Only the same 4-5 people log on, and mostly those are all the playerbase.

The playerbase is low because most of the rsps community looks for high rates in a server. We do have said high rates implemented, but it is a very punishing system. In a nutshell, if you are a novice/adept account you cant fully enjoy the game. MUCH less drops + lower level cap (which makes a huge difference in pvm/pvp) come together to make the experience fast, but dreadful.

Updates have been coming up (somewhat) slow or small, which is normal since there is only 1 dev.

The solution is quite simple.

Bring the drop rates up for novice/adept. Novice should have x1, while adept x1.1 and competitive x1.2/1.3.

Also, having a dev team would greatly increase the speed+quality of updates. However, for that dev team to work they would have the need for access to the source code. This can be easily achieved by creating a private code repository where only the owner could choose who access to said source code.

On that note, and directing my statement directly to Jay, I could perfectly join the team and have access to the source code. Having the private repo means the code wont be leaked (at least, not on my part), plus, changes made wont take effect until you pull them from the repo + rollbacks are really simple, so you'll be able to see whatever I do before you choose whether or not to implement it. I have also displayed my more than enough capability to code for rs.

Anyways, please look into what a private repository is and what it offers in more detail, and the program to version control: Repository  Git tutorial + advantages

Also, I've been one of the most loyal players here and I'd hate to see my favourite server die. But hey, it might not be just my opinion so I've included a poll to see who agrees with both my statements and who doesn't, and please leave a comment below with your opinion on the matter.

Sorry for the long post Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Bringing the server back to life   Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:08 pm

gotta do wha tit takes to get the updates rilling out again annd i under stand if its alot of pressure on jay to code EVERYTHING so it is a good idea for a team and the drop rates thing aint bad but how does it make it fair for the competive players? they put so much more work into there account and what not maybe what if we do they drop rates like s0ul said and possably have the competive players have bonuses on attacking to make that a little more fair like just give the comp people a bonus or ever give comp people exclusing content like idk cool capes or something of that nature
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Bringing the server back to life
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