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 ignore this jsut cheating in class

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PostSubject: ignore this jsut cheating in class   ignore this jsut cheating in class EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 9:42 am

I have found in my research for my paper. There are lots of jobs that require fire retardant clothing like in welding. So it is not only welders that require it. Even professional chefs wear fire retardant clothing. There is plenty of welding safety standards it just depends what you are doing. Welding is not just welding it is using torches and iron man’s, and lots of other machines and mechanical tools. One of the safety rules is have good house cleaning. It is one of the basic beginner’s rules. You might be able to guess what that is. Do you keep your house clean? Well that’s what it means to keep your work area clean. Your work area is like your home. By keeping your good housekeeping it will keep it safer and less hazardous around where you work.
Almost every work zone will have their safety areas which is where you don’t have to have your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) on and that should be marked off by something on the floor that is bright like yellow or another bright color. If you go past that line you should have on some PPE so you do not get hurt in the work area by flying shrapnel and other stuff in the work area.
There are also airborne safety hazards. So obviously there are rules so you don’t pass out on the work place due to hazardous fumes and gases, because of not having the proper ventilation. It could even kill others. Like take for example if you are welding in a container, and pass out because of improper ventilation. What if someone looks down and sees you passed out, obviously they are going to go check on you, and then they could pass out and the chain continues until someone gets the senses and decides to not go down there. Sometimes where e you are welding or doing hands on work in an environment that is hazardous with gasses and other stuff in the air you have to wear a respirator weather that is one you put on your belt or one that is fed to you from where the pump is located. Aldo there is other types of veneration systems like farced which are where they have air blowing where you are working. Then there is natural which you can probably guess what it means. Just like welding at your home I doubt you have a giant blower or a sucker to get the fumes away from you. Most likely you just let them get carried away by the wind which is what natural ventilation is. In out welding shop we have blowers and suckers.

When cutting on an enclosed container you have got to go with precaution and check everything. It would be horrible for someone to get hurt. So when you are cutting on an enclosed container you have got to make sure there is nothing flammable in it and if there was make sure that the container has been properly cleaned if you do not know then you have the right to go ask the Forman before working on it.
Safety and regulations of the safety harness. The safety harness is something important to use in the plant and high up working areas. You have to have it inspected by a competent person or someone that has experience which all in all it is basically the same thing. Also you have to make sure you have the right length of the safety harness. You do not want to be 35 feet high and have a 40 foot harness on then if you fall you will hit the ground and make a splat noise and a horrible mess for someone else to clean up and no one want to clean up your mess.
When you go to a vocational school they should give you your standard safety tests after you study. Which after you pass them then you will be able to go in the shop to do things. One of the things that are most important is safety glasses. I am sure no one wants to lose an eye. Boots and pants is also a requirement and I am sure on any job site that has anything at all to do with welding will require boots that are probably steel toed and pants. Hopefully you are a competent person and can notice any dangers that are a good thing on the work place.
Like is class one day we was working in the shop and I was sweeping under a flat bed off a old truck it was standing on its side and my cousin Jonah noticed the clip was about to give while I was under the bed and they told me to get out from under the truck bed and as soon as I got out from under it they grabbed onto it and it broke as soon as they grabbed a hold of it. So thankfully that we had some competent people or else I probably would be hurting pretty bad.
While welding you need a lens that goes in your helmet. A welding lens in your helmet is necessary to have a darkness of a range from 11-13 on average it is 12.That would also be the main shade number for a regular mask that is not auto darkening. Auto darkening changes applying to the setting you have it set on. That way you can weld safely without taking vision damage. No one wants to lose their sight. It would cause flash burn which makes your eyes feel like they have sand in them if you directly look at the light a weld puts off. There are all shaded lenses that are used for other things that are for torches for example a plasma cutter or an acetylene torch. They will make your eyes tired and give a blur where you were looking at the light if you do not use something the shade your eyes.
If you are working at a manufactures place or you are learning at a vocational school they should have a cooling bin. That is where you place your metal and lower it in to some water so it can be cooled off. That way it will be safe to touch it with your bare hands. When not in a safe zone you should always have your safety glasses on even while welding with a welding mask on so nothing gets in your eyes. Depending on how and where you are welding it can still get in your eyes.
While welding over head. You should always have a cap on for your hair. So you do not burn your hair off with the flying sparks. If you are doing something over head this is from welding to grinding or cutting something with a torch. No one wants to lose all of their hair unless if they are bald and that would hurt to let hot sparks land on your bald head.
Ear protection is also important. You need to wear ear plugs while in a danger zone so nothing gets in your ears like flying shrapnel and other stuff. Also what if there is someone grinding and you are close to them. That is kind of loud and you could lose hearing to that depending on how loud it in. What if you got that friend over there working on something and he blows it up. I am pretty sure when something blows up it is going to be pretty loud. I would hate to be deaf for the rest of my life or have to wear a hearing aid. I am not that old yet.
Make sure when using a hand grinder you have all the proper stuff. That means having the right grinding or cutting wheel, and having the proper personal protective equipment on so you are not hurt while for the PPE I would say you need a shield mask which is like what riot people use it is a clear mask that keeps stuff from hitting you in the face and also make sure you have gloves and glasses on and also a Drifire jacket on. Drifire is a fire retardant jacket. Check the grinder to make sure it has a guard on it so you can not cut your finger off or help to protect from hurting yourself and anyone else and also make sure the wheel is on their right. Do not be like me I had a under amour jacket I paid eighty dollars for and about 4 weeks later I had it on in welding glass grinding on and I looked down and I had a big hole in my jacket because it was not fire retardant so it melted a hole in my jacket and basically ruined it. So that is what I found during my research paper and a few of my personal life things.
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ignore this jsut cheating in class
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