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 1k Crystal Key Loots

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1k Crystal Key Loots Empty
PostSubject: 1k Crystal Key Loots   1k Crystal Key Loots EmptySun Nov 16, 2014 7:39 pm

-Spins x111
-Dragonstone x1000
-Cosmic Runes x2050
-Gold Ore x1350
-Rune Platebody x35
-Rune Platelegs x33
-Nature Runes x2150
-Death Runes x1750
-Law Runes x2400
-Grimy Snapdragon x56
-Grimy Tarromin x430
-Uncut Ruby x84
-Dragon Longsword x42
-Grimy Guam x800
-Tooth Half of Key x36
-Loop Half of Key x20
-Uncut Sapphire x228
-Rune Kiteshield x25
-Grimy Torstol x73
-Iron Ore x6200
-Dragon Med Helm x31
-Chaos Rune x3200
-Rune Bar x111
-Uncut Emerald x152
-Mind Rune x7000
-Uncut Diamond x72
-Coal x6689
-Grimy Harralander x405
-Grimy Ranarr x195
Amount Spent: 38,000,000 GP
Return: 34,772,087 GP
Profit: -3,227,913 GP
Although there was a slight loss of money, the spins made up for it.
In courtesy of Madzarac for using 1,000 crystal keys.
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1k Crystal Key Loots
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