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 [Classified] Halloween drops mini-event

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[Classified] Halloween drops mini-event Empty
PostSubject: [Classified] Halloween drops mini-event   [Classified] Halloween drops mini-event EmptyWed Oct 22, 2014 7:08 pm

Currently in the server featuring the 3 H'ween mask rares from October 17th - October 25th and then from Oct 26th-31st you'll get them dropped featuring different two different rares!

You can get these while you're fighting any NPC, fishing, mining, woodcutting, or thieving(pickpocket/stalls). Be watching the ground for a [classified] item drop!

Good luck getting [classifieds] so you can [spoiler] on [spoilers] and share the wealth!

[Classified] Halloween drops mini-event Yu_gi_oh_kuriboh_gif_by_matthijsmud-d4js6ib
[Classified] Halloween drops mini-event RnCIvxO
[Classified] Halloween drops mini-event Deathballoons_zps8d7b6809
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[Classified] Halloween drops mini-event
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