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 Tormented Demons

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PostSubject: Tormented Demons   Tormented Demons EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 5:47 pm

Tormented demons right now CAN be killed but are not worth the struggle. These are a couple suggestions to make them a little more possible to kill..

-The effect from being hit by a darklight needs to be extended, it doesn't seem that they are weakened for a long enough time period when you damage them with the darklight. (This needs fixed for sure)

-Being a multi combat zone it is very hard to fight just one at a time, there is always a second or third one coming at you and when their magic splashes, it is very difficult to keep your health up. I think the area needs to be made 1v1

Either one of these suggestions could make them a better boss to fight.. but the combination of both of them would make them a lot more fun to kill and try to get claws from.
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Tormented Demons
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