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 Hoi guys :)

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Cunny Funt
Cunny Funt

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Hoi guys :) Empty
PostSubject: Hoi guys :)   Hoi guys :) EmptyWed Apr 23, 2014 2:16 pm

Well yeah i didn't know where to put this haha, I'd just like to explain why I've been inactive, the reasoning behind it is that I've been given more hours in work for a couple of weeks (ends this Friday if it doesn't get extended) this is due to the Easter holidays where the kids are off school and they rape our shop with money so when I get back I'm exhausted and have no time for anything apart from a fag, some food then sleep so yeah I will try get on a bit but other than that I'll be active again on Saturday if it doesn't get extended Smile
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Hoi guys :) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hoi guys :)   Hoi guys :) EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 2:32 pm

I feel ya, one more week and I am off exam period :/

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Hoi guys :) 257jfx1
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Hoi guys :)
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