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 Damnation Rules

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PostSubject: Damnation Rules   Damnation Rules EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 11:11 pm

Forum Rules.

1. Respect everyone.  (This goes for players and staff.)   Punishment: Warning / Ban.

2. No pornographic material of any kind.  Punishment: Perm Ban.

3. No buying or selling accounts. (Damnation or otherwise.)  Punishment: Ban.

4. No spamming topics.  Punishment: Warning / Warning / Ban.

5. Post in correct category.  Punishment: Topic relocation.

6. Please don't bump posts more than 5 days old.  Punishment: Warning / Warning / Ban.

Server Rules.

1. Respect everyone.  (Once again this goes for players and staff.)  Punishment:  Warning / Mute Or jail / Ban.

2. Do not ask about being a moderator.  Punishment:  You will severely hurt any chance of being considered.

3. No scamming of any kind.  Punishment: Ban.

4. No abusing bugs or glitches. ( IF You find any report them immediately!)  Punishment: Warning / Jail / Ban.

5. No exploiting any money bugs to achieve unfair wealth or experience. Punishment: Skill Reset / Account Wipe / Item Confiscation / Ban

6. No buying or selling accounts. (Damnation or otherwise.)  Punishment: Ban

7. No buying or selling Damnation Gp / No trading Damnation Gp for Runescape Gp (the only exception to this rule is offering Damnation Gp for someone to donate for you).  Punishment: Ban.

8. No advertising other servers.  Punishment: Mute / ban / Ip Ban.

9. No 3rd party clients of any kind.  Punishment: Warning / ban / Ip Ban.

*NOTE* Even if something isn't in the rules if you feel like you shouldn't be doing it, DON'T.

Thank you.

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Damnation Rules
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